Cooler temps to end the week; storms possible for Brickyard events

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Angela Buchman

Central Indiana is getting another taste of fall in July. Temperatures on Thursday afternoon are only in the 70s and about 10 degrees cooler than average.

Skies will be mostly clear Thursday night, with lows forecast in the lower and middle 50s. It will be a cool start to Friday. There is lots of sun in the Friday forecast, with highs in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. You might need the jacket if you are going to IMS for the Brickyard 400 events on Friday morning. You won't need the jacket in the afternoon, but you will need the sunblock and sunglasses. These are good things to remember if you are going to Colts Camp in Anderson on Friday afternoon.

The weekend forecast is warmer, with highs in the range of 85-90 degrees. There will also be a few complexes of storms. The latest analysis and timing shows the first complex late Friday night and early Saturday morning. This will mean some dry hours Saturday afternoon and evening. Another complex is forecast for late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. This complex should move out for a few dry hours on Sunday too. A cold front arrives later Sunday and a few more storms will be possible.

Behind that cold front, there will be a big drop in temperature for the last few days of July. We are only forecasting highs in the lower 70s on Monday and Tuesday.