Cool this morning, but warming up today with lots of sun

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Chuck Lofton

Hard to believe the mornings in July could get any cooler, but it is really brisk out there today. Fortunately, we are expecting lots of sun today, with highs in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. You might need the jacket if you are going to IMS for the Brickyard 400 events on Friday morning. You won't need the jacket in the afternoon, but you will need the sunblock and sunglasses. These are good things to remember if you are going to Colts Camp in Anderson on Friday afternoon.

The weekend forecast is warmer, with highs in the range of 85-90 degrees. Not only will it be warmer but we are expecting thunderstorms. Look for our forecasts during the day on WTHR-TV. Saturday morning will be a prime time for storms and a front on race day Sunday threatens afternoon storms for the Brickyard 400 as a cold front rolls through the state.

Behind that cold front, there will be a big drop in temperature for the last few days of July. We are only forecasting highs in the lower 70s on Monday and Tuesday.

On This Date in Central Indiana Weather History......

1934 : Indianapolis...The all time record high temperature for the city is set at 107 degrees.