Convicted killer may lose parole

Robert Lee
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A hearing is set for Jan. 8th for a convicted killer's parole revocation.

Robert Lee, 57, was arrested on charges of violating his parole. Lee, who was convicted of brutally murdering a Bloomington woman more than 25 years ago, has been living at a work-release site in South Bend until the Indiana Department of Corrections could find him a more permanent living situation.

The DOC says Lee got a ride back to the work-release center. That is a technical violation of his parole.

A DOC spokesman says Lee is continually monitored more closely than most other parolees using GPS monitoring, so they kept track of his whereabouts was during his probationary freedom period.

Lee is in the St. Joseph County Jail and will soon be scheduled for a hearing before a parole board to determine whether he did in fact violate his parole, and, if so, what the appropriate punishment would be.

In the 1980s, Lee was convicted of murdering and dismembering a woman in Bloomington. He also has an attempted rape conviction.

Because of good behavior Lee was released from prison after serving 25 years of a 60-year sentence.

Lee was originally placed in Bloomington for parole but then was moved to Jennings County. He was moved to the South Bend area after a brief time in central Indiana.