Convicted carjackers share tips to potential victims


We have seen carjacking crimes across central Indiana this year.

So how do you protect yourself from becoming a victim? You talk to the people who know the crime better than anyone.@

I came to the Pendleton Correctional Facility to learn why criminals carjack people and to learn how to keep viewers safe from becoming future victims. I met 19-year-old James Jackson. He is serving time for the July, 2011 carjacking of a 2009 dark blue Toyota from two women in Speedway.

"We just seen two people in a car and we just took it. We came back, put 'em in gunpoint.@They were screaming in shock.@We told 'em to be quiet.@Get out the car," said Jackson.@"They was scared.@They tried to run in the house and we were like, 'No, get down.@You can't run in the house.' They were like, 'Please don't shoot me. I don't got no money.' They were all freaking out, scared.@Shaking and stuff."

Jackson claims he would not have harmed the women if they had resisted during their carjacking case.@Jackson is serving three years in the Indiana Department of Correction.@Jackson claims he will not carjack again when he is released in 2015.

"I've had time to sit here and think.@I don't know why I did it.@Sitting in prison, far away from your family," said Jackson. "It really shouldn't have happened because I had a car.@I don't know why it happened.@ Messed me up."

Roshene Hinkle is serving a 12-year prison term for carjacking and other crimes.@Hinkle admits stealing over 200 cars in his life, but says he would rather steal your car than take it at gunpoint.

"We see a car that we want, we get it. Any car that we see that we want, we'll get it," said Hinkle.@"I had a problem stealing cars, driving around in stolen vehicles.@It's just an adrenaline rush.@It was just fun to me at the time.@It was fun.@I couldn't stop doing it.@It was addictive to me.@I couldn't stop doing it.@I couldn't control it."

Hinkle said he never carried a gun.@Instead, he brought a flathead screwdriver so he could break the steering column and start the ignition in ten seconds. Hinkle began stealing cars in 2003 and took them from a resident's driveway and targeted gas stations.

"As far as Cadillac, Chevy Caprice, LeSabre, Park Avenue, those types of cars are crackable with a flathead," said Hinkle.@"I won't sell it.@I would never sell it.@I wouldn't do it for a paycheck.@I was doing it just to have fun, to show off in front of females and stuff like that."

Both offenders won't be getting out of prison soon. They are quick to offer advice so you won't become a victim.

"Watch your surroundings, 'cause it's not safe anywhere, especially at night. Watch your surroundings," said Jackson. "Just let them have your car. Call the police.@It's not worth your life over a car."

How to respond to a carjacker

  1. Don't fight with the carjacker.
  2. Don't make any sudden movements because the attacker might think that is a counter attack.
  3. Always keep your hands in plain view.
  4. Tell the attacker of every move in advance.
  5. Tell him if children are in your car.