Contractors take their plows to the streets

The city hired about 200 contracted plow drivers to help clear streets.
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City and state crews have been working to clear the main roads of ice and snow, but private contractors hit the secondary roads and side streets.

The city hired about 200 of them for this snowfall and Eyewitness News rode along with one of them earlier tonight.

"I started pushing snow in 2006," said Larry Davis.

In the eight years since Davis started plowing Indianapolis streets, he's never seen a storm like this.

"You know, Indianapolis is not really a place for snow. This is not common," he said.

But whenever the city puts out the call for private contractors, it's people like Davis that answer. It's a way for a lawn service owner like Larry to make a little money in the winter and do some community service at the same time.

"People look up and they see your lights and they see your plow and all of a sudden, you're a superhero," Davis said.

Faster than a Chevy sedan stuck in a drift, able to plow tall snow piles with a single push. And while most people make their hay when the sun shines, snow plow drivers make their money when it doesn't. It means a bumpy ride and it can get tedious behind the wheel for hours on end, but as with most things, Larry says it's all in your attitude.

"If you have the right equipment and the right tools, you can have fun, you know, you can't get out here in a Corvette," he laughed.

Asked how long he can stay out, Davis said when he starts to see double, it's time to quit.