Construction worker's widow shares message through grief

Kenneth and Brenda Duerson on their wedding day 17 years ago.
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The widow of one of the workers killed in a construction zone accident is speaking out for the first time.

Kenneth Duerson, 49, and 24-year-old Coty Demoss died last Friday when they were struck by a vehicle along I-69.

Duerson's widow already had concerns about just how safe her husband would be working in the construction zone. In fact, the day before he was killed, she drove him to the site and talked about staying safe.

"I will never hear him tell me he loves me no more," said Brenda Duerson.

She clinged to the wedding photo snapped 17 years ago when she married the love of her life. Too distraught to go on camera, Brenda Duerson still agreed to talk to Eyewitness News about Kenneth's tragic death and how much he will be missed.

"He is still supposed to be here. To me, 17 years of marriage is not long enough. It's not long enough at all. We were just getting started and that was taken away from me," she said.

Police say 22-year-old Jordan Stafford crashed his pickup in a construction zone as the crews removed traffic cones. Duerson's widow believes because of Stafford's previous reported drug problems, he should have thought twice about driving.

"Why are you driving yourself in the first place, if you know you got a problem. So get you a designated driver and get there safely, so these workers can get home to their families like they planned on. I had planned on having breakfast with my husband that morning," Brenda said.

But now, since the fatal crash has changed the rest of her life, she urges others never to take their loved ones for granted.

"Love as hard as you can who you are loving, your family. Because there is going to come a time, like with me, that you won't have that chance to say 'I love you' and to hear that back," she said.

After spending part of her day Monday at the funeral home, Duerson said she is waiting to learn final arrangements for her husband's co-worker, Coty Demoss, so she can pay her respects to his family.