Conor Daly crashes during practice at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Conor Daly made hard contact into the first turn wall Thursday afternoon at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
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Indy 500 rookie driver Conor Daly, a 21-year-old from Noblesville, wrecked in turn one Thursday afternoon at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Daly is the first driver to hit the wall this month.

The right side of Daly's #41 car bounced hard off the SAFER barrier in turn one, then lifted up onto its side in the short chute and almost flipped over before coming back down to the track right side up in turn two. Daly walked away from the accident and emerged from the track hospital a few minutes later uninjured.

"I didn't think it was that bad and suddenly I was flying," said Daly. "I don't know why. It's just disappointing. As a rookie, you never want to do this. It looks bad. I'm pretty devastated because these guys have given me an awesome opportunity and I kind of ruined it."

Daly has an Indy-only ride with A.J. Foyt Racing. The team has shown a resurgence this season, with driver Takuma Sato winning at Long Beach and finishing second in Brazil.

"I'm just hoping we can continue everything," said Daly. "I'm ready to get back in. It's a big learning experience. That was not a good way to learn. But I guess I got it out of the way."

Daly had just turned a lap at 219 miles an hour when he lost control. He thought wind may have played a factor in the accident.

"I've felt comfortable this whole time," said Daly. "It's all been reasonably good. The wind started to feel like it's been gusting more. The rear was leaning hard on the outside tire. It just kind of folded over on itself and I just lost it."

Daly was released from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Medical Center after being checked out.  The rookie's emotions were bruised more than his body.

"I took my hands off the wheel," said Daly. "I was more like, ‘Wow, this sucks, rather than ouch.' I'm fine."

Daly is a graduate of Heritage Christian School. He is the son of former INDYCAR driver Derek Daly.