Connecticut governor signs sweeping gun restrictions into law

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Four months after the Newtown school shooting, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy has signed sweeping gun restrictions into law. Family members of some of the Sandy Hook victims joined Malloy at the ceremony.

The final vote came in the early morning after hours of debate in the Connecticut legislature.

Read the bill here.

With the memory of Sandy Hook Elementary still on their minds, and the 20 first graders and six educators who died last December, the bill passed overwhelmingly in both the Connecticut Senate and House.

Legislators voted to expand the ban on assault weapons and also limit the future sale of large ammunition magazines to ten rounds. Gun owners will now be required to register their weapons and ammunition, a sticking point many gun rights advocates.

"Making it more onerous, more cumbersome, more burdensome on law-abiding citizens in our state is not the solution," said John Kissel, Connecticut lawmaker.

"It's important because I think a majority of people had recognized that a tipping point had been reached that we were ready for rational common sense changes to our current gun laws, this shows in a bipartisan way the majority of people wanted that and our legislators and leaders have listened, now we see by the success and victory of this vote that there are going to be changes to the gun laws," said Nancy Lefkowitz, co-founder of March for Change.