Concrete pieces fall onto sidewalk from downtown building

Picture Courtesy: Indianapolis Fire Department
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The sidewalk on Pennsylvania Street in front of the IBJ building is blocked off after pieces of the four story concrete building fell to the ground overnight.

The Indianapolis Fire Department was dispatched to 41 E. Washington Street about 1:53 a.m. Saturday to check the structure.

When they arrived, they found several pieces of masonry construction had fallen off the building that houses Morton's Steakhouse.  The IBJ building was empty at the time the pieces fell.  No one outside was hurt. 

Firefighters were able to get a closer look at the top of the four story building and determined that a cosmetic piece of masonry, just below the parapet wall, had detached from the structure and fallen to the sidewalk below.

IFD removed the large chunks of loose stone as a precaution. The interior of the building was not affected.

The Department of Public Works arrived on scene and placed barricades around the perimeter.