Complaint filed over Fishers town-city campaign

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Residents of Fishers will vote next month on whether or not the town should become a city, but there's a new wrinkle in the controversial question. 

A group called City Yes has filed a complaint against the town with the Indiana secretary of state and attorney general, alleging that the town used taxpayer money in a political campaign to further the interests of those in power.

City Yes argues that Fishers town leaders have provided a one-sided view of the issue in mailings and meetings so that they can remain in power. The group argues that the town spent $28,000 on mailings that only presented one viewpoint.

In the November election, residents who don't want Fishers to become a city will vote no. Those who want a city vote yes, but then have to answer yes or no as to what kind of city.

Option one, a proposed reorganization, would have the mayor selected by the city council. Option two, a traditional city plan, would have voters electing their mayor.

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