Company plans to honor explosion victim

Dion Longworth died in Saturday's house explosion in south Indianapolis.
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The employer of a man killed in Saturday's home explosion has plans to honor him with a scholarship.

When Rick Santiago heard about the south Indianapolis explosion, he knew it was close to the home of his employee, Dion Longworth.

"I realized something was wrong," he said.

Santiago learned through social media just how close the explosion was to Longworth's home.

"I was pretty overwhelmed and shocked with sorrow from Twitter when I learned the address was the actual devastation was his address," he said.

Santiago hired Longworth at Indy Audio Lab in February of last year. His cubicle is still the way he left it his last day of work, including the photograph of his wife Jennifer, who was also killed in the explosion.

The whiteboard in Dion's cubicle still shows what he was working on. He took pride in an audio design award, part of a home audio showroom display.

It's another reason why work is just not the same without him.

"It almost feels like he will be back at some point, because it doesn't seem real at the moment," Santiago said.

But unfortunately, it is real, and Longworth's company plans to keep his memory alive. Indy Audio Labs is starting a memorial scholarship fund geared toward students interested in not only electronics, but also Dion's other passion, which involved gardening.

"Helping students get the type of education that they may need some assistance with," Santiago said.

Although his coworkers will miss him dearly, they say the memorial fund is one sure way to keep their memory of Longworth alive.

Memorial donations and checks written to "Dion and Jennifer Longworth Memorial Fund" can be directed to:

Dion and Jennifer Longworth Memorial Fund
c/o Central Indiana Community Foundation
615 N. Alabama St., #119
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Click here to donate.