Community rallies around injured IMPD officer

At Roncalli High School where Moore was a gifted athlete and leader, there was no doubt he'd succeed at whatever he did.

Mary Milz/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Officer David Moore is a highly decorated officer who was awarded for his courage and honored as IMPD's rookie of the year. The IMPD officer is in critical condition after being shot during a traffic stop Sunday morning.

Those who know him say Moore is a gifted leader and dedicated officer who always knew what he wanted to do.

"When you look at your child in such bad shape on a bed you wish you could trade places with him, you sincerely do," said Spencer Moore, Officer Moore's father.

A father's anguish was shared by the extended IMPD family outside Wishard Hospital Monday as officers continued to come and go. Their hearts heavy, this is where they wanted to be.

"It's just a comfort to know and for the family that they have the support. These officers will go without food and sleep and the comforts of home to go and be there and hold vigil for a brother officer," said Bill Owensby, Fraternal Order of Police.

David Moore joined IMPD in 2004, following in the footsteps of his parents, both career officers.

"I think what made him proud is he was doing what his Mom and Dad did, but I can tell you he was ten times a better officer than I ever was no doubt," said Spencer Moore.

Moore was Rookie Officer of the Year in 2005. Four years later he received the Medal of Valor for the courage shown in a life-threatening confrontation. In November 2008, Moore shot and killed a man who aimed a gun at him and fellow officers.

At Roncalli High School where Moore was a gifted athlete and leader, there was no doubt he'd succeed at whatever he did.

"Just given who he was, his discipline, work ethic and always wanting to do the right thing," said Bruce Scifres, Roncalli football coach.

It's been more than a decade since David Moore walked the halls of Roncalli, but he's one of those students everyone remembers. Word of Sunday's shooting spread quickly.

"I got flooded with emails immediately," said Principal Chuck Weisenbach.

Weisenbach says Moore was a gifted athlete and leader.

"He had a real idea of where he was going, his purpose in life and he pursued it in passion," said the principal.

Number 63, he played defensive end for the Rebels and was co-captain of the 1999 state championship team. He also holds the record as the school's strongest athlete, bench pressing nearly twice his weight.

"He was certainly a gifted athlete, but the core of his success was his integrity and work ethic which he got from Mom and Dad," said Coach Scifres.

"The amount of success is dependent on the amount of faith and in order to achieve this faith one must understand that no amount of iron in the weight room is equal to the iron nails on the cross," added the coach.

Both the principal and the coach say they always knew Moore would excel at whatever he took on.

No was surprised he chose to follow in his parents' footsteps.

"I know he always had a goal to be a police officer and have a positive impact on the community," said Scifres.