Community devastated by quadruple murder

Gina Hunt and Andrea Yarrell (pictured) died while holding their babies.

Update: Five men face charges in connection with the Hovey Street slayings. See links at the end of the story for details.

Indianapolis - Family, friends and neighbors are searching for answers after the overnight killing of two women and their children.

Police say someone shot and killed Gina Hunt and Andrea Yarrell, both 24, as well as Hunt's infant son, Jordan, and Andrea's four-month-old daughter Charlii. Hunt, Yarrell and Hunt's son died at the scene. Charlii Yarrell was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Police believe the babies were shot in their mother's arms.

The brutal killings have devastated the community. Friends and family gathered in the streets shortly after the police arrived, wondering who would commit such an act. Mayor Greg Ballard expressed concern for the community, saying public safety needs to be a priority.

"Tragedies like this remind us that we are not where we need to be as a city," Ballard said. "When a child can be shot in his mother's arms we must all decide, no matter what our differences are, we must join together and we can do better. This city must do better in public safety."

Yolanda French says she doesn't know what her family will do without Gina Hunt, her cousin, or her little boy Jordan.

"I hope the people know who did this, if they please just turn them people in. They don't deserve to be free because my cousin don't deserve to be dead and those babies didn't have a chance to even live," said French tearfully.

The Great Commission Church of God opened its doors to grieving family and friends Tuesday.

The reverend says the neighborhood has seen its share of drug problems and thefts but never a murder like this one.

"The whole entire community needs strength. Throughout the summer we walk these streets often in the evening time - we'll just go up to people and pray with them," said Rev. Malachi Walker.

Yolanda French says she has been praying all day for her family and a stop to violence against children in this city.

"TaJanay didn't deserve it. My [relatives] don't deserve it today and don't nobody else deserves it either," she said. French was referring to TaJanay Bailey, a three-year-old who died of suspected abuse last year. Her mother and boyfriend have been charged in the girl's death.

French says Gina Hunt left two other children behind. She says they are a close-knit family and will rely on each other to get through this difficult time.

A prayer vigil is set for 5:00 pm at the Great Commission Church of God.

Update: Five men face charges in connection with the Hovey Street slayings. The following links provide more information about the suspects and charges they face.

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