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I am excited to write a monthly community-centered column in the Indianapolis Recorder, the nation's fourth oldest African-American newspaper.  It is called "Community Conversations with Angela Cain."  I will address issues of the day and promote community news, organizations and events.

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We are a better community because we serve - November 2014
They are everywhere you look.  In every state.  Every city.  Every neighborhood.  People who take time to serve others.  More>>

United Christmas Service
Drumstick Dash
Mozel Sanders Thanksgiving Dinner

That Men Might Live - September 2014
He built a legacy as the president of the Indiana Black Expo for 20 years. But he left a legacy of trying to save the lives of others, while he was losing his own. Most of us remember, well, the late Rev. Charles Williams.  More>>

Domestic violence is a community problem - August 2014
A woman attacked, by her estranged husband, barely clinging to life. Renita Hills first shared her horrifying experience, with me, a few years ago.  More >>

Let's get on the good news bandwagon - April 2014
“Sure could use a little good news, today.” Those words, from a song, come to mind often, when I read or watch television news.  More >>

Your support helps those suffering from cancer - March 2014
Imagine what life is like for those who have few options… for those who have to choose between putting food on their table or going to the doctor, even for preventive health checks.  More>>


Gennesaret Free Clinic:
Little Red Door Cancer Agency:

Check. Change. Control. - February 2014 
Those three words can change your health.  We, as African-Americans, are 33 percent more likely to die from heart disease and stroke than other races.  More>>

What Matters Most - December 2013
As another year comes to an end, I reflect on what matters most in life.  More>>

The Spirit of Giving - November 2013
"There but for the grace of God, go I." I first recall hearing that phrase as a child, in a church that my family attended.  More >>

Shattering the Silence on abuse - October 2013
She was just 18 years old. Spunky, sassy, and full of life and light. A young man extinguished Brittany Murphy's light four years ago with two gunshots. He then took his own life.  More>>

CLD has terrific impact on our young people - September 2013
There is nothing more precious than our children. But today, I ask, are we doing enough to teach them how to succeed in life, no matter what our economic background?  More>>

Violence takes too many young lives - July 2013
What is happening to our children? African-American teenagers or young adults are gunning each other down in Indianapolis streets.  More>> 

Thank you for your compassion - June 2013 
I have a magnificent view of humanity in action almost every day on my job.  More>>

Don't stigmatize those with mental illness - May 2013
If someone has cancer, heart disease or certain other physical ailments, we have compassion for them. But there is one illness that often elicits shame, not compassion.  More>> 

Make your health a priority - April 2013
I have a confession to make. It's not really a secret because those who see me on the small screen on WTHR-TV know it is a struggle.  More>>

Women, celebrate your self-worth - March 2013
Are there women who have inspired you, in history, or in more recent times? This is a special month to honor their extraordinary achievements.  More>>

Change lifestyle to save your heart - February 2013
Megan Bailey knows the disease runs in her blood, literally, taking the life of two people she loved – her grandmother and her father.  More >>
Go Red for Women Celebration

Celebrate small successes, no matter what your goal - January 2013 
If you're like millions of Americans, you make New Year's resolutions every year, but you get off track before the year ends.  More >>

Pay It Forward - December 2012
She didn't have much as a child, but Charlene remembers the unexpected generosity of people who didn't even know her name.  More >>

Tell you family how thankful you are for them - November 2012
What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Sometimes we let the holiday pass without giving a lot of thought to it. We go through the motions. It's another day on the calendar.  More>>
Mozel Sanders Foundation   
Drumstick Dash

Vote and honor those who died - October 2012
"Never forget where you came from." How many of us have heard those words of wisdom? It's a way to keep us connected and grounded in our values. However, in the African-American community, it's also a call for us to remember those who fought, bled and died for the civil rights we often take for granted today. More>>
Voting information

Give a Gift of Warmth. Donate to Coats for Kids - September 2012
Empathy - putting yourself in "someone else's shoes." It's what inspires our compassion and humanity. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My mother raised six children alone, a large part of our lives, so she struggled financially, working hard to keep us fed, clothed and housed.  More>>

Take charge of your health
- August 2012
How long do you hope to live? It may sound like a silly question, but we have the power to add years to our lives, if we take better care of our bodies. It is easier to say, than do.  More>>
African-Americans and High Blood Pressure

 You can take the pledge against abuse - July 2012 
I am still haunted by her sweet, sad voice – the anxious pleas of an 11-year old girl living in a home filled with domestic abuse.  She spent many days in her young life running and hiding beneath her bed, when violent fights broke out between her mother and father.  More>>
Shattering the Silence/Take the pledge against abuse

There Are Many Ways to Be a Missionary  - June 2012
What is the meaning of life?  We have all asked that question at some point in our lives. My pastor touched on that topic recently, and it caused me to reflect on why we were created. I am probably more introspective about that right now because I will begin the journey into a new decade this summer – the big 5-0. More>>
United Way of Central Indiana
Volunteer match
Help Indy 

Celebrate Mom on Mother's Day - May 2012                                                                              It is a day to give thanks to the woman in our lives who either gave birth to us or raised us as if she did. She is our mother, adoptive mother, foster mother, stepmother.Sometimes Mother's Day passes without us truly appreciating the impact of our mothers. How would your life be without her influence?  More>>
Conner Prairie:  Mother's Day Plant Sale
Beef and Boards:  Two Shows of "The Music Man" on Sunday
Indianapolis Downtown Inc. "Mother's Day" Ideas

Lets Race Together for Cancer Cure - April 2012                                                                         It is a phrase no one wants to hear.  "You have cancer."  But here is a statistic that may touch us personally or someone we love. One in eight women will get breast cancer in her lifetime. When is the last time you had a mammogram, a clinical breast exam, or regularly examined your own breasts for lumps or changes?  More>>
Free Mammograms: Little Red Door
Register for the Race for the Cure

The Impact of Addictions - March 2012
An African-American woman, who soared to great heights in her career, has fallen through the cracks of addiction, which may have contributed to her death. I feel no judgment toward Whitney - only great pain - pain, in particular, for a mother and daughter who loved her so much. You see, when someone you love faces addiction, it is a disease that pierces the heart of the whole family. More>>
Addiction Treatment Resources

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