Comic book fan on lookout for stolen collection

Brendon Dravet says someone stole thousands of dollars worth of comics from his SUV.

Someone got away with a huge comic book collection the owner says is worth thousands of dollars. Thieves made off with the prized collection in the 1300 block of Wright Street earlier this week.

The comic book collector just moved into the neighborhood and took his eyes off the collection for just a few moments long enough to lose something he loves.

"This one was signed by Ron Friends," said Brendon Dravet.

Dravet started collecting comic books when he was eight years old. Since then, he has racked up favorites, including some first editions, and several comics that became dear to his heart.

"You stole my childhood. When I have a son in the future, that was going to be his college fund, so you stole his childhood, along with his college fund," Dravet said.

Thieves stole hundreds of comics, packed in storage boxes, Monday night in his southeast Indianapolis neighborhood. Someone broke out the back window of his SUV to get to the collection.

"Started pulling them out through here, I am assuming. There was a half a box that got spilled and there is still some glass over here, now that I look at it," Dravet said.

He contacted Doug Stephenson, who runs Downtown Comics on Monument Circle, and has some comics worth hundreds of dollars. Dravet warned him to be on the lookout.

"If they come and try to sell it to us, we will call the police and they will verify it's the same collection and that's that," Stephenson said.

Brendon hopes to restart his comic book collection, but admits some of the sentimental items can never be replaced.