Columbus council passes first vote on BB gun ordinance


City officials in Columbus passed an ordinance Tuesday night that would make it illegal for kids and teens to fire BB guns within the city limits of Columbus.

Police and city leaders say this has become a real safety issue, saying BB guns and air rifles look too much like real guns these days. These types of guns and rifles have caused people to call police, concerned that a weapon was being waved around near parks, schools and at passing cars around Columbus.

The council passed the ordinance on the first vote 6-1. It will be voted upon again in two weeks. If it passes that vote, it becomes law.

Under the proposed ordinance, kids under the age of 18 would not be allowed to even show off a BB gun in public or to black out the orange tip on the end of the guns.

Air guns are not regulated by Columbus's firearms ordinance, nor are they considered weapons.