Colts star Freeney victim of alleged fraud

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Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney is the victim of an alleged multi-million dollar fraud.

Federal prosecutors in California have outlined their case in these court documents just filed against two people, one of whom has very close ties to the Colts star.

According to the FBI, Freeney's Los Angeles business manager Eva Weinberg introduced Freeney to her former boyfriend, Michael Stern, who offered to help Freeney with a restaurant business dispute. The lawsuit claims, instead, Stern stole Freeney's money. He's now charged with taking $68,000 dollars.

But that's not all.

Last fall, Freeney discovered some unapproved wire transfers from his restaurant investment account - over $2 million gone. The affidavit also says other withdrawals were made by his ex-wife and other associates.

The scheme was caught on tape by an informant who says Stern bragged about using Freeney's money to buy a private plane and flee to the Bahamas, Trinidad or Israel before anyone found about the fraud. Stern allegedly asked the informant to fly to Los Angeles to destroy the hard drive on Stern's computer to erase evidence of the wire transactions.

Wednesday, federal prosecutors will ask a judge to order Stern be extradited from Miami to California to face trial in the alleged fraud of the Colts star.