Colts rookies get camp initiation haircuts

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Several Colts rookies came off the field after the Tuesday morning walk through sporting some unusual, if not awful, haircuts. Perhaps the best, or worst, was the hand print outline on the head of linebacker Jonathon Sharpe.

A team bonding pizza party Monday night turned into Cory Redding's playful barber shop. The Colts stressed there is no hazing at training camp. All the haircuts were voluntary.

“It's that part in camp where you get a little bored,” said Colts defensive end and head barber Cory Redding. “An idea will pop up. The rookies were willing to do it. It was about a sense of brotherhood. These guys really, truly believe in the sense that we have a family here.”

Defensive end Arthur Jones also did some damage with the clippers.

"The swirl, the swivel - there's so many different names you can give it,” said Jones describing his favorite hairstyle. “We were just having a little fun. I just love our rookies."

Second round draft pick Jack Mewhort would not take off his hat to show reporters his haircut. But the guard from Ohio State knows his hairdo is all over social media.

"I think it's an honor when a group of guys who have been successful in this league for a long time come and grab you and say, 'Hey, come with us. We kind of want to initiate you,' said Mewhort. “I willingly said, 'Yes, let's do it.' It's fun. It's something I'll remember for a long time."

"There's some bad looking dudes,” said Colts head coach Chuck Pagano. “I don't know if you saw Mewhort's. That's pretty bad. So hopefully, we get them all cleaned up."

By the Tuesday afternoon, the rookie bad hair day was over. The players had all shaved their heads clean when they came out to the practice field.