Colts rookie Caesar Rayford ruling preseason


The Colts are back at the team complex, but they're still in training camp mode.

Many players are still trying to make the roster. A rookie named Caesar Rayford is ruling the preseason and he hopes he'll get that chance.

Rayford, a 27-year-old rookie linebacker finally getting his chance in the NFL, kept working hard and never gave up on his dream.

"You got the guys that get the front door. You got the guys that get the back door. Then you got guys like me that got to climb the house and jump through the chimney. Hopefully, that landing doesn't hurt too bad and get back up. I'm definitely blessed for the opportunity," he said.

Rayford has made the most of his opportunity with the Colts. Number 49 forced a fumble in his first game that the Colts returned for a touchdown. Rayford collected three sacks on backup quarterbacks in the first two preseason games.

"He's giving great effort," said Coach Chuck Pagano. "He's been a pro since he got here. He's studying and working at his craft. He knows what to do out there. So whether it's against the twos, the threes, the whole idea behind it is production and he's been productive."

Rayford has already made some stand out plays in the preseason, and he certainly stands out in the locker room at 6-foot-7, 267 pounds.

"Being tall and rangy and long, I got some good tools to use. It does have its pros!" he said.

Rayford spent the last four seasons in the Arena Football League. The Utah Blaze call him the best pass rusher in team history.

"Being in arena, it's pass, pass, pass. I think my big transition is to be stout and set the edge on the run. I feel like I turned some heads. Still, there's some work to be done and can't be complacent. Just got to keep pushing," he said.

Roster cuts begin next week. Rayford has given the Colts reason to keep him.

"Having that length and that size and having a motor and the ability to learn and process definitely gives him a shot," said Pagano.

Just a shot is all Caesar wants.