Colts pushing message about new bag policy

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The new NFL bag policy is getting a lot of publicity. But are people getting the message about those clear bags you'll need for the Colts game on Sunday?

Some NFL cities already put the policy to the test and had some trouble, so the Colts want to make sure fans know the rules.

Before the team hits the field Sunday, don't get flagged at the gate.

A new security policy from the NFL prohibits purses, fannypacks and backpacks inside Lucas Oil Stadium.

"The message is be clear on game day safety," said Larry Hall, Colts Vice President of Ticket Operations.

"No bags, like it has to be in a clear, like a clear Ziploc baggie," explained one Colts fan.

Only small clutches or clear bags, no larger than a gallon ziploc, are allowed.

Eyewitness News gave away thousands of clear bags at the State Fair Friday, but we found some fans still didn't know about the new rules.

"No, I didn't know I wouldn't be able to take my bag in," said Colts fan Danyelle McFadden. "I'm not that comfortable not going with my regular purse, but if it's to keep me safe, I guess you have to do what you have to do to stay safe."

The NFL policy got its first test in other cities Thursday night. Many Browns fans in Cleveland brought their new, clear bags. In Atlanta, some people still brought in big bags - even those who knew the rules.

"I'm gonna try to walk in with it," a Falcons fan said. "We're gonna roll the dice and do the absolute best we can."

But as will be the case in Indianapolis Sunday, those fans got stopped by security at the gate.

If you bring a banned bag to Lucas Oil, you will have to go back to your car and put it in the trunk.

The Colts will put reminders in tailgate lots and have staff reminding fans on street corners outside the stadium too.

"They'll ask those folks to take that back to their vehicle or the hotel they may have stayed in downtown," Hall explained.

Metro Police are also warning that if you bring the wrong bag, get stopped and get sent back to your car, don't think you can just stash your bag in some bushes or behind a dumpster and come back for it later. That is an obvious security risk.

"They're asking us to remind people not to do that because an unattended bag is a little bit of a red flag for them," Hall said.

The Colts hope fans plan ahead instead and bring the right gear for game day.

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