Colts players help out at Humane Society


Several Colts players used their day of to help out some furry friends.

Colts co-owner and vice chairperson Kalen Irsay, an animal lover who has been working for years to raise money for the Humane Society of Indianapolis, joined players as they toured the shelter Tuesday. The players also helped care for some of the animals.

"It's heartwrenching to think that they're here and they don't have a home. They really do change your day," Irsay said. "It's one of our players' favorite things to do, we never have problems getting them to come here. We have plenty that are willing to come, because it's uplifting. It changes your day and I think that's what animals represent for people in general."

The players also brought a large donation of towels, something the Humane Society says they always have a great need for.