Colts launch Blue Friday Prize Patrol

Unsuspecting fans could win big prizes!

Colts fans, be on the lookout. Someone could be watching you.  Starting October 5th, The Blue Friday Prize Patrol hits the streets.

These days, Blue Friday in Indianapolis isn't what it used to be.

"Folks are still behind us, but they're not showing it. They're not bringing it out," said Jay Souers, the Senior Vice President of Sponsorship Sales for the Indianapolis Colts.

"I think perhaps we lost a lot of blue in the 18 jerseys. He was the number one selling jersey for two or three years in the NFL. So we need to replace those jerseys and just wear plain blue shirts if you need to," Souers added.

The Colts hope the lack of blue on Fridays in the city is about to change. They say that change has everything to do with a white van and what's inside.

"It's kind of like the Publishers Clearing House. We're going to show up, jump out of the van, surprise you and hopefully make your day," explained Souers.

Starting October 5th, if you dress in Colts gear on a Friday, you could be the one in line for a bag of prizes.

"It sounds like tickets, tickets will be in the bag. It's a mixed bag of things. Tickets are great," said Indianapolis Colts Kicker Pat McAfee of fans' opportunities for prizes.

Even if you don't own Colts gear, chances are, you've got something blue in your closet.

"Everyone has a blue shirt, a blue tie, a blue sport coat in their closet that you can support the team. It doesn't have to have the logo on it," explained Souers.

"Everybody looks beautiful in blue and white, especially in Indianapolis," enouraged McAfee.

Every week when the white van pulls up, you never know who is going to pop out.

Maybe it will be Colts cheerleaders. Or it could be former Colts defensive back Mike Pryor!

"I could possibly be jumping out of this van," said Pryor, pointing to the van with a blue horseshoe on the side of it.

It could even be Colts kicker Pat McAfee.

"It could be any player. It could be myself. It could be Andrew Luck," said McAfee, adding good-naturedly, if he was fan, he'd rather meet Luck.

"Andrew Luck pops out, great day," laughed McAfee.

The Colts say fans should be ready for anything.

"You don't know. If you're in Central Indiana and you're walking out and about, we may just surprise you," said Souers.