Colts hit the practice field on day two of training camp

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The Colts hit the practice field Monday afternoon on day two of training camp.

It was a picture-perfect day as the team went through their morning walk-through. They were set to practice at 1:50 pm.

Hundreds of fans were expected to watch the practice session Monday. There's a lot to take in with the team's 38 new players.

But there are some familiar favorites, too. Defensive end Robert Mathis brings experience and a leadership responsibility that he acknowledged to reporters Monday.

"That means you've been around for a while, so that's a blessing in itself. You like the way the guys look at you - they kind of put the onus on me today!" he said.

"When you have a guy like that, even Antoine Bethea and all the veterans we have, Reggie Wayne, you don't want to let those guys down," said Cassius Vaughn, cornerback. "And not letting them down is being out there playing hard and make the plays you're supposed to make. That's what they want from us and we know we can get them from them."

For years, Mathis had the partnership on and off the field with Dwight Freeney. Freeney is now playing for San Diego.

As for Colts Coach Chuck Pagano, he's setting his goals one step at a time.

"We showed a clip last night, a highlight, and it ended with the scoreboard in the playoff game. There were 12 minutes and 30 seconds to go on the clock. It's in the fourth quarter. It was a one-score game and we had the ball, first and five on their 18-yard line and that's the team that eventually won the Super Bowl. And so our expectations don't change. Ultimate goal is always a world championship. First and foremost the easieast way to get into the dance is to win your division and our first goal is number one, win the [AFC] South. We gotta try to take over the south. Houston's had it the last two years. This team and this organization has dominated the South for years and years and now we gotta get it back," the coach told reporters Sunday.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is older and NFL wiser. He had a record-setting rookie season, including 23 touchdown passes. He led seven game-winning drives. He spent plenty of time with his receivers in the off-season. His objective?

"Balls in the receivers' and playmakers' hands. I'm not quite sure what my completion percentage was last year, but it wasn't good enough," Luck told reporters Sunday.