Colts get a break after active first week

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The Indianapolis Colts got a break Monday after five days of practicing in Anderson. The team had a quick practice in the morning, with a day off set for Tuesday.

The first week of camp saw a little bit of everything, including injuries, aggression and scuffles between players. Linebacker Jerrell Freeman and running back Daniel "Boom" Herron got into it two days ago.

"How did that get so big? I mean, there were so many more scuffles out there. I don't know how that one got so big," Freeman said. "It was running backs on linebackers, we're going to see a lot of each other in camp and that's just how it popped off."

That aggressive tone set by Freeman has carried itself throughout the team's defense, with guys like Greg Toler and Delano Howell getting the better of Andrew Luck. The third year quarterback says the offense has learned from those early mistakes.

"Defense makes you pay when you make bad decisions like that. Found that out quickly in the NFL," Luck said. "Then you learn from the mistakes and you don't want to repeat them in a game, so I think it's great. I think on the flip side, offensively, we're putting a lot of pressure on them, too."

The Colts will have Tuesday off before reporting back to camp on Wednesday.

"I love being out on that field, regardless of what I'm doing. But a few days to let my body rest, but I'm getting a bit older. I don't know if 28 is old or not," Freeman said.

"Most of these guys have families and lives and get back and reunite with their wives and kids and get away from football for 24, physically, and obviously, you're off your feet for 24 hours," said head coach Chuck Pagano. "Recharge and refresh, it's not three weeks like vacation, but it feels like it."