Colts games to impact downtown Indianapolis traffic patterns


Be aware of the following traffic pattern changes as Colts season gets underway.

These changes will only be implemented during the outbound traffic pattern following the game. No changes during the inbound pattern are anticipated. Please see below for the new outbound traffic pattern:

Westbound vehicular traffic in the center travel lane will be directed southbound on Missouri Street to the I70 East/ I65 South entrance ramp.  Message board and traffic cones will be utilized in the center travel lane on McCarty notifying motorists of the southbound (left) turn onto Missouri Street.

Westbound vehicular traffic in the curb lane will continue west on McCarty to West Street and then southbound to either the I70 West entrance ramp or continue southbound on West Street.

You'll see police officers at the affected intersections to ensure motorists are aware of the changes and receive proper instructions and assistance.

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