Colts fans sour on reported Manning departure


Fans took the news of Peyton Manning's reported split with the Colts extra hard Tuesday night.

"Oh no. I was worried about that the whole time," said fan Brian Guhl.

"Bummer," said Aly Wiggs.

For fans dribbling into Tuesday night's Pacers game, the news was hard to swallow.

"I'm disgusted. Manning is who Indianapolis is, he's our identity and what he's done for the community. He's more than a football player," said Bob Nellish.

"I would feel really awfully. Actually, I wouldn't be nearly as big a fan without him," said Wiggs.

They hoped Manning would be a link to future luck - namely Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

"Hoped they would bring him and Peyton would stay around awhile, help mentor him and help coach him," said Tracy Life.

Eyewitness News asked Indianapolis sports attorney Milt Thompson if he's convinced Manning is really over.

"Well, my attorney training tells me, 'Never say never 'til you see the written words'," he said.

Thompson says a last minute agreement is always possible, but he says the serious nature of Manning's injuries make this a different case. Bottom line for Irsay, Thompson said, "It's about money."

Irsay may not be willing to risk big cash on a player who may never play again, despite video of him supposedly throwing well again. Plus, there's the Colts' shot at a young QB in the draft.

But what about fans?

"If he can play somewhere else and he wins another Super Bowl in another city, that's not going to sit too well with the old guard," Thompson said.

But Even a big Manning fan says "Now's the time to let him go and start rebuilding."