Colts fans share thoughts on Manning move

Mike Batarseh
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Just in time for lunch, Peyton Manning gave Colts fans plenty to chew on.

Stand operator and Colts fan Mike Batarseh shouted over the noise inside the City Market, "I just heard the news about Peyton Manning going with the Broncos. That's bad!"

For fans, it's bad enough that Manning left Indianapolis. Seeing him play for some other city some fans say adds insult to their heartache.

"Any uniform besides the blue, that's going to be tough to see Peyton, that is for sure," said George Girvan.

Another Colts fan, Lionel Muse, agreed. "He might excel in another jersey. That's the scary part."

But fans figure better Denver than Tennessee. Manning playing for the Titans, Chuck Miltman, says, would have been dreadful.

"I didn't want him to come back and beat up on us two times a year," he explained.

Peyton Manning getting on with his career, many of the fans who spoke with us say, is an opportunity for Indianapolis to get over him.

"We just have to accept it and move on and hope he does well," said Danielle Huff.

"Hopefully he's healthy and he has a great career moving forward," said Ahmed Young.

Despite everything it appears as if Peyton Manning fans still have a lot of hope and respect for a man they say did so much for Indianapolis.

"We had the super Bowl here. I am sure we can all agree that's because of him. There's the new stadium, more revenue," said Jason Mitchell.

And Peyton Manning has remained loyal to Indianapolis. Kim Donahue, from the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI, says fans won't forget.

"He still fees connected. He still has the [Peyton Manning Children's] hospital. He still has his other endeavors. We are not ready to give him up as a community but we will loan him out for a couple of years," she said with a laugh.

Many hope that Peyton Manning will eventually return to his adopted home and continue his legacy of great football and contributions to the community.