Colts fans selling tickets as losses mount

Hundreds of fans are looking to sell tickets to this Sunday's Colts game.
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INDIANAPOLIS - Just two games into the NFL season and already some frustrated fans are writing off the Colts' season.

Season ticket holder Steve Dietz hopes to sell two of his Colts-Steelers tickets Sunday to make up for the preseason ticket expenses.

"I have two for sale for $300," Dietz said.

But it's a challenge, with Sunday's loss to the Cleveland Browns and no Peyton Manning.

"I think there are some bandwagon fans out there. I know some people who had season tickets and after the loss in the Super Bowl, they did not renew their tickets," Dietz said.

Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell says even he is working to keep ticket holders happy.

"That's part of my job. My job is to get us to the point where we are winning more games consistently," Caldwell said.

The impact of not winning is already being felt by ticket brokers. Circle City Tickets is not making much of a profit without Peyton. In fact, they turned down trying to sell two of season ticket holder Peter Mohlman's seats at Lucas Oil Stadium.

"Yesterday, there was a lot of energy in the stadium and it's too early to tell if it's going to drop off the cliff, I think," Mohlman said.

"First thing, when we open a lot of calls from people wanting to sell tickets and not a lot of people looking. We have sold a few over the weekend," said Mike Peduto, Circle City Tickets.

Brokers like Peduto say some Colts fans wanting to sell their tickets makes it a buyers' market and could open up doors for the thousands of Hoosiers who have never experienced a pro football game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

"This is a good time to take advantage of that, when it's much more affordable," Peduto said.

Thousands of fans right now are trying to sell their Colts tickets before Sunday's game.