Colts fans plan trip to enemy territory

Justin McReynolds and Chad Wesseler are planning a trip to see the Colts' playoff game.
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Colts fans are also gearing up for Sunday's playoff game. Some of them have planned their own road trip into football enemy territory, to support the Colts in person.

"I am going to be representing my blue," said Justin McReynolds.

McReynolds and Chad Wesseler and two more football fans are headed to Baltimore for the Colts game Sunday. He used his laptop to show Eyewitness News the group's hotel room view of the Ravens' home - M&T Bank Stadium.

He also researched online how Colts fans are sometimes treated at the stadium.

"They said that they spit on you and kick you. Now that worries me a little bit," McReynolds said.

"I am going to give everybody crap who harasses me during the game, if we pull it off," said Wesseler.

The young football fans have a good start on their NFL paraphernalia, including mini fan flag autographed at training camp, a colts knit cap, a winter scarf, coasters for drinking cups and a Colts snuggie to keep warm.

Baltimore's rivalry with the Colts stems from a bitter separation when the team left the city in the middle of the night on March 29, 1984 for Indianapolis.

Just one more reason why the Greensburg natives believe support is vital.

"They have a good drive, that gets the crowd going and it boosts them up," McReynolds said.

Right after the game, the crew plans to pack up their Colts gear and get out of enemy territory, to get back to Greensburg, where they know they are welcomed.

"I have visualized what would happen if the Colts won, walking out of the stadium and getting treated like dirt," McReynolds said.

Both McReynolds and Wesseler are predicting scores and believe the horseshoe and (quarterback Andrew) Luck will bring home a Colts win from Baltimore.