Colts fans face dilemma with Peyton's return

Peyton Manning returns to Indianapolis to face the Colts October 20.
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The match up of Manning vs. Luck is more than a week away. The city, the Colts and fans are already working in ways to welcome home a hero, who went over to the other side.

Peyton Manning is a legend Indianapolis loved and hated to see leave. Long-time season ticket holders Tom and Colleen Delahanty cried.

"I absolutely did and so did my wife," Tom admitted.

"I sobbed uncontrollably. We were heartbroken when he left," she said.

Now that Manning is stampeding the Broncos into the Colts' corral, intending to lasso the young and lovable Andrew Luck, what's a city to do?

"Give him a standing ovation when he walks onto the field and cheer like heck against him," Colleen recommended with a big smile.

The Indianapolis Colts are planning a special tribute. So is the city. Details should be out early next week.

Come next week, if you are feeling a little sentimental and want a Manning jersey, there is no chance of getting lucky at the Colts' pro shop. Legacy jerseys can't be sold until the player retires from football.

The pro shop is designing souvenir "Sunday Night Showdown" t-shirts.

"You got maybe, like, father and son going against each other," explained football fan Dervon Gaskins.

Like clash of the titans?

"Yeah!" he laughed.

The showdown of herds and local heroes sold out months ago.

"It will be the best game of the year, unless we get into an AFC Championship Game," predicted Mike Puduto of Circle City Tickets.

The ticket company has plenty. Sellers are asking from $200-$900 a seat, startling and perhaps over-ambitious.

"They kind of have an unreal expectation of what they are worth," Puduto said.

But Colts fans have high expectations. Mark Harris is a Manning fan, but an even bigger Colts fan.

"We want to win this, no doubt about that," he said in a voice full of conviction.

There's no doubt Peyton is at the top of his game. Andrew is on fire. To corral the Broncos, the Colts will likely need more than a little Luck.