Colts fans can't wait to see what their team can do


The words "pre-season" didn't mean anything to the thousands of Colts fans outside Lucas Oil Stadium Saturday.

Football season is right around the corner and the pre-season game against the New York Giants was a chance for Colts fans to see what their team planned to do about it.

"It's been a long off season. We missed out Colts," said fan Heather Judy.

For Judy and her family, a tailgate was all part of the anticipation.

"Are we excited about Reggie Wayne?" Judy asked her children. "Reggie Wayne's one of our favorites and he says he's better than he was ever before."

Judy wasn't the only one waiting to see number 87 back in uniform after last season's injury.

"That was the biggest let down of the season was when he went out," said fan Mike Chester, who added it was a new season and he was ready to see what the year would bring.

"I'm a big Trent Richardson fan," said Ross Laney. "I'm really excited to see him put some good yardage up this year and really be the true back that he is. I'm really excited to see the offense score big time."

"We are hoping third year for Andrew Luck that he is ready. Hopefully we don't have a lot of injuries in pre-season and ready to just see what's going to happen this year," said Judy.

That's because, every fan, even if it was just a pre-season game right now, has one ultimate goal in mind.

"I'm looking to get ready to go to the Super Bowl," said Chuck Curtis.