Colts fans blue over latest round of roster moves

Colts fans gathered Friday at the Blue Crew Bar & Grill.
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Many fans are in shock at the release of five Colts players Friday afternoon.

Some are dubbing this 'Black Friday' instead of 'Blue Friday', as they deal with a lot of difficult changes to the team all at once.

The owner of the Blue Crew Bar and Grill says it's now more like a museum, a restaurant filled with football relics. The jerseys that hang on the walls are suddenly throwbacks.

"I'm gonna have to redecorate the place now," said owner Randy Collins. "I got Brackett up here. I got Clark up here. I'm going to take a lot of them down soon"

Five fan favorites, were all cut by the Colts Friday: Gary Brackett, Melvin Bullitt, Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai and Curtis Painter. It all comes as fans are still in mourning over Peyton Manning's departure.

They say it seems the Colts are cleaning out the stables.

"It's, like, all at once. It's like everyone's being wiped out, people that we've known for years," said Colts fan Marla Amstutz.

"It's ripping the band-aid real quick," added fan Chris Hasbrook. "They're starting over!"

"I know this is going to be a rebuilding year, but this is interesting," Collins said.

Fans know the guys are salary cap casualties. The big names, making big bucks, pictured on big signs outside the stadium are now making room for new talent. But for fans, that doesn't make gutting the roster or envisioning the future any easier.

"You don't know who's next! Is it gonna be another year where we lose all the games?" Amstutz asked.

But even in their shock over losing these players, fans are trying to stay positive, embracing a team with a brand new identity.

"You can bring in new players and hopefully make the best of it," Hasbrook said.

"Number one draft pick, all new players, go Colts," Collins said.