Colts-Broncos tickets selling at high prices

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Update:  Kris Kirschner will have more on Colts tickets for this Sunday's Broncos game on Sunrise today, Tuesday.


The Colts are prime time Monday night against the Chargers, but it's not the Monday Night Football game that is getting the most hype here in Indianapolis.

It's next Sunday's matchup with the Broncos which brings former quarterback Peyton Manning back to play in Indianapolis for the first time since he left the Colts.

Peyton returns to Peyton's place. Some fans can't wait, but others can't take it.

You know it's a big game when the Colts have yet to play on Monday night and everyone is talking about Sunday night. NBC's welcome-home montage hit home today. Kurt Luibhardt of Indianapolis watched it on our iPad in downtown Indianapolis Monday.

"It is hard to watch. I am looking forward and not looking forward to the game," he observed.

"It's kind of depressing. I miss Manning a little bit. Bring him back. I'll be cheering for the Broncos this week. I love Manning. Great guy," said Phil Endris, who is still mourning Manning's departure.

"I would pay to be there...just to see Peyton," Bobby Mazaratti said after he watched the NBC promo video.

"Your total for two tickets is $990," a worker at Fanfare Tickets said to a caller on the telephone. It is a very busy place this week.

"Some season ticket holders who sold their tickets are able to pay for as much as 40 to 50 percent of their season ticket package by selling this one game. That has diminished a little bit as the games approached," Renny Harrison, the owner at Fanfare Tickets, said.

Joe Pechous was one of the season ticket holders who decided to sell his Sunday night tickets.

"Is this something you do a lot of?" we asked him. 

"Not at all," he said. 

"Because you will get a good price for it?"

"Absolutely. If someone wants bad enough to see it. I'm rooting for Peyton except this game!" he said.

Currently upper level tickets which regularly sell for $60 are going for $175. Lower level, club level at the end of the stadium regularly go for $90, but that is bumped up to $350. And lower level seats that are regularly $300 are going for $700. But there are exceptions.

"Section 113. That is right here. Fifty-yard line, right behind the Denver bench," an operator at Fanfare noted. Those tickets sold for $2,000 a seat. That is the kind of profit margin that brought Eric Stockholm in on Monday.

"This is the game to sell, yes. We were able to make 200 percent, so yeah, it was a good deal for what we paid for them."

Price fluctuation could actually depend on how the Colts do tonight. Since it's a late start a lot of Colts fans are choosing to watch it at home on NBC and make money at the same time.