Colts' "Blue" joins "First Kiss" parody craze

Colts mascot "Blue" has gotten into the viral video business.
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The Indianapolis Colts have joined the "First Kiss" viral video craze.

The original black and white footage of strangers allegedly meeting - then kissing - for the first time. The video has picked up nearly 63 million hits since its debut March 10.

Days after the release, it was revealed the video was a campaign by a clothing company, but the parodies were already rolling out.

WATCH: "First Kiss" video

The most high-profile was "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon's "First Lick," video of dogs and cats coming together for the first kiss.

WATCH: "First Lick" by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Then Tuesday night, lovable Colts mascot "Blue" entered the fray.

The video opens with a woman in full Colts garb meeting a man wearing a t-shirt of the AFC South rival Houston Texans.

"We asked 10 opposing fans to kiss for the first time..." reads a text slate in the video.

After some awkward introductions, the couples - always one Colts fan and a fan of another NFL team, including the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos and hated New England Patriots - prepare to kiss.

From there, it's pure "Blue" mayhem.