Colleges react to campus attacks

Worthen Arena - Ball State

A pair of violent attacks sparked a series of campus alerts over the weekend at two Indiana universities. Students at IU-Bloomington and Ball State woke up Sunday to the news of two stabbings that sent two students to the hospital.

By Sunday night, those two victims had been treated and released.

And while two students are facing charges in connection to the incident at IU, the investigation continues at Ball State.

"An individual is at large on the Bloomington Campus," said the voicemail alert from IU security. "If you are on campus, take shelter in the nearest room. Lock doors if possible."

Even listening to the IU voice message Sunday night, nearly 12 hours after the situation on campus was resolved, the message hit home to two coeds.

"I knew staying in my dorm because I had plans to go to breakfast, so I canceled those plans," freshman Sarah Butler said.

Emails texts and voice mails went out to between 55-and-60 thousand people on the IU campus, including students and faculty.

"No one would have had any idea. I would have had no clue without those," freshman Allison Harris observed.

In a completely separate incident involving an alleged attempted robbery at Ball State overnight, the university was forced to act quickly, and it did so by email to 13,000 subscribers on the Ball State campus.

The email said an attempted armed robbery was reported in the Worthen Arena parking lot.

"It definitely scared me. I was not planning on coming out because it was so close to our residence hall," said Ball State freshman Lauren McCammon. "Worthen Arena which is right across the street from us."

"I was glad to know something was going on," Tori London added. "I was meeting someone to get something from her and I heard someone telling the night staff about it. I was glad people at the front desk knew to watch for this guy."

"I like to know because if am near somewhere and I need to take cover that is highly important to me," senior Christian Brookins said.

Alan Hargrove is Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at Ball State. "The actual notice or text was a very quick delivery. Email takes a little longer because it is routed and sent out in batches," he said.

The Clery Act requires information be dispatched to students and faculty in a timely manner.

The investigation into the alleged robbery and stabbing on the Ball State campus is continuing. The victim was treated and released.

Two students were arrested in connection with the stabbing at Indiana University. The victim was also treated and released.

"It is safe to resume normal activities. As always remain vigilant," the all clear voice mail told IU students and faculty shortly before 8 a.m. Sunday morning.

Alerts are now an unfortunate staple of college life.