Collapsing corn bin bursts into flames on Greene County farm

Grain dust from a collapsing corn bin burst into flames in Greene County Monday. (Photo: Jordan White/Facebook)
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SWITZ CITY, Ind. (WTHR) - An Indiana family already facing the loss of a grain silo is counting their blessings after an explosion.

Jordan White posted video from his family farm in Switz City Monday afternoon. The family watched as an overhead tank full of corn began to collapse and tip to the side. As the large metal structure fell, it reportedly ripped power boxes off the wall which caused the spark that ignited the cloud of grain dust that was billowing below.

As someone in the video calls for everyone to get back, the cloud bursts into flames, shooting out in all directions.

"We are very fortunate that there were no injuries," White wrote on Facebook.

By late Monday night, White's video had been viewed more than three million times and shared more than 59,000 times.

The White family says they have a lot of work ahead of them to get ready for harvest.

"If only these million viewers came out with shovels to help out...not been a good day," Jake White wrote in a separate post.

The collapse also caused damage to the concrete grain dump and the elevator.

"Farming isn't easy, but we will make it work," Jake White wrote.

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