Cold weather hampers firefighters' efforts in 16th St. fire

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The cold weather made fighting an early morning fire on West 16th Street even more challenging than usual.

One firefighter fell on the ice as he fought the fire.

Indianapolis and Speedway Firefighters were called to Grant's Catering around 5:30 am.

Damage to the building was estimated at $90,000 and the cause of the blaze is unknown. The closest hydrant to the building was frozen.

When firefighters used other hydrants, the run-off water created extremely slick conditions.

"This is the kind of ice sometimes you don't even see. It's a really thin sheet because it freezes so quickly you don't even see it and you step on it and there's nothing you can do," said Lt. Bonnie Hensley, Indianapolis Fire Department.

So much ice formed that salt trucks were called in to treat 16th Street.

That firefighter who fell on the ice was taken to Methodist Hospital to be checked out.