Cold poses special challenge to electricity crews

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It may be another day before residents in Indianapolis get their power back after Sunday's snowstorm.

Monday evening, over 22,000 Indianapolis Power and Light customers were still without power. Heavy snow brought trees and large limbs down onto power lines, creating a challenge for crews and residents alike.

IPL crews will work 16-hour shifts through the night in frigid temperatures to restore power. Hundreds of workers are being brought in to assist. Meantime, residents are struggling without heat.

Eyewitness News paid a visit to one family who lost power Sunday.

"The windows have fogged up and iced over. It's been cold," said Damon Tandy.

Tandy's family boiled water, bundled up and slept together trying to stay warm overnight.

"Basically fully clothed, with blankets, all night long!" Tandy said.

Restoring power is difficult and dangerous. Crews must first clear away fallen snow-covered limbs and trees. Then the linemen get to work - perched two stories above the ground with winds gusting up to 30 mph and wind chills of -40.

"It's tough on all of us. You can't stay out here real long. It takes time to get stuff up and get the trees off and get the wires back up. It's just gonna be a slow process. But we're gaining on it, absolutely," said IPL's George Sipus.

Progress is slow. Crews labored for three hours in one neighborhood working to get power back for residents.

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