Coffee cup mistake has President Obama's mug out in front

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Someone at an unnamed British company made a big mistake when they were putting together collectible coffee mugs for England’s World Cup team. Instead of using a photograph of Manchester United’s center back Chris Smalling, they used a picture of President Barack Obama.

The distributor of the mugs has updated the description of the mugs, trying to explain what happened. Wholesale Clearance UK wrote that the unnamed source company was given the job of sourcing royalty free pictures of each England squad player to use on the England mugs.  They passed this onto to one of their young apprentices. 

They say the apprentice claims that he used the search engine, Google, to source the pictures. The thing is he’s more of a rugby fan and not very clued up on soccer. Suffice to say that when he Google image searched ‘Chris Smalling’ he copied the first picture he liked and the result was that the President of the United States ended up on an England cup instead of Smalling.