Coats demands answers on Benghazi

Sen. Dan Coats (R)
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Former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus is expected to face tough grilling Friday. The former commander will face off with lawmakers on Capitol Hill on the September 11th attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

The former commander will testify first before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence followed by a trip to the House Select Committee on Intelligence. Both sessions will be closed.

Republican U.S. Senator Dan Coats was interviewed by Scott Swan on the ongoing Benghazi investigation.

Coats is a a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee that holds a closed hearing on the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

"Bottom line, we're trying to get the truth of the situation. The administration continues to say this is a spontaneous mob effort, there was no pre-planned effort. We know that's not true now. There were pleas for help. That's documented. That support did not come. There was message that this was all about a film. We now know that is not true," Coats said.

"We're trying to meet with the key people involved. General Petraeus was in charge of the CIA operation and probably knows this more than anyone else. We'll be meeting with him and others in the administration," he said.

"Americans were killed. An ambassador was killed. We think this is the work of terrorists. Either this a White House cover-up or this is a situation where we have a difficult situation regarding providing support for our people abroad. We're going into week nine of denial of release of information, the only excuse being it's under investigation and we'll let you know after all this is done," he said.

"I serve on the intelligence committee. We have jurisdiction over our intelligence community. This is unprecedented to be kept in the dark for weeks and being told exactly what happened. We now have cables, we have information, we have video that refutes what the administration is saying. So, we want people to step up and own up as to what really happened, not only because this is the right thing to do. Americans are under fire and lose their lives. But we want to take steps from having this happening again."