Coach Dungy's sister shares Colts' successes

Lauren Dungy-Poythress
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Anne Marie Tiernon/Eyewitness News

Colts blue is the dress code of the day Friday at many workplaces throughout Indiana. At the Community North office of Dr. Lauren Dungy-Poythress, it's also a matter of family pride.

"They usually say, 'Is this Tony's wife?' And then we say, 'No, it's his sister,'" said Lindsay Gross, office staff.

On Fridays, the entire staff wears Colts blue scrubs.

"We have started meetings everyday and we call them our huddle," said Robin Swingle, office staff.

Dr. Lauren Dungy-Poythress is a maternal fetal specialist who moved to Indianapolis in 2001.

"I say it is by divine intervention that I ended up here and Tony ended up here six months later," she said.

That's when her brother, both famous and familiar, became the Colts' head coach.

"What you see about Tony is who Tony is. Whether he is on the field, off the field he's just a fun person to be around," she said.

But no doubt this: Dungy's driven, and like brother, like sister.

"She is definitely the coach. She's the head and we are part of the body," said Dr. Deborah Skanna, who works alongside Lauren.

Staff members credit Lauren for her vision and compassion. "Clearly there could be good outcomes and there could be bad outcomes in pregnancy," she said.

It was good news for Angela Ostrowski from Fortville, who was in for an amniocentesis and ultrasound and unaware of the Dungy connection.

Lauren will watch play-off game two at home. "It's exciting when you see it all work together and to me the potential for that in life, whatever you are doing, when everybody is working together as a team, doing their part, you don't have to do it all but you have to do your part and you have to do it well and other people are depending on you for that and when it works together it's awesome," she said.

And after facing Balitmore, the sibling postgame ritual will remain. "I will leave him a message after the game and then I will see him in church Sunday morning," she said.

There, she says win or lose, they'll count and share their blessings.

"I'm very, very proud of Tony but I'm very proud of several people in my family and you just have to experience my family to know what that means," said Lauren. "I think the accomplishments that they have made, that the coach has made with the adversity that they have had and the way they come together as a team - I think is awesome, and I think the way they play and use what they have to get where they have is awesome and I'm very proud of that fact and I think that is what I feel - just a proud feeling about the whole organization from the top down."