Close to 700,000 Indiana voters placed on hold

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson has marked 696,000 registrations "inactive" as part of her efforts to clean up to the state's rolls of voters.

Lawson announced Monday that a postcard drive to identify invalid voter registrations would help restore "integrity" to the state's voter rolls. Registered voters were asked to update their voting address by July 24. If the postcards were returned as undeliverable or not returned by the due date, the registration was marked "inactive".

However, if someone votes from the addresses marked "inactive" before Nov. 2016, their registration automatically becomes active again.

The results are from the second round of mailings from Lawson's office. More than 750,000 postcards were mailed out this time and 4.4 million postcards were mailed in the first round this past May.

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