Clinton County residents digging out from winter storm

Casey Hampton tries to dig his van out of the snow to get groceries.
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The snowstorm has had a huge impact on people in Clinton County, especially since more people ventured outside Tuesday. But the going was anything but easy for some drivers, especially those trying to make a living behind the wheel.

Every turn and attempt to stop has never been so critical in Clinton County. Ice caught several drivers by surprise, including one at Walnut and Jackson streets. Tyler Gray and his father helped push another driver back onto the road after his four-wheel drive SUV would only spin out on the ice.

"Take it easy and slow down. Make sure you stop early and watch for other people," Gray said, offering advice to drivers.

From shovels to snow blowers, people across the county were digging out walkways, driveways and their vehicles.

"I am trying to dig my van out so I can go get some groceries. I walked up to the store yesterday because I could not get it started," said Casey Hampton.

It was a no-go for a tour bus headed to Gary to pick up a group of soldiers. The driver said the back wheels of the bus slid out of control and then lost traction.

That's happening to many other drivers, too, as they try to steer clear of danger on the open icy road.