"Click It or Ticket" campaign begins today

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If you plan on hitting the road this weekend, or in the next few weeks, make sure you and your family have their seat belts fastened.  That's because police are watching you.

As you hit the highway, you will see a lot more state troopers starting Friday and continuing on for the next few weeks. They are looking to make sure you are strapped in that safety belt.   The "Click It or Ticket" campaign is nationwide.  Locally, 250 Indiana State Police troopers will give you a ticket if they find you unbuckled at any time. And it's not just you they are watching - it's your kids too.

Sergeant Rich Meyers is with the Indiana State Police, "
A lot of times what we find is that the parents have a child restraining system in the car, but that it's not properly installed in the car.  So, you have a child in a child restraining system that is moving around and it needs to be properly installed, so that it's not moving more than an inch and any time when you're pulling and tugging on it."

There's a reason why Indiana State Police are serious about giving you a ticket every time.  You increase your chances of surviving a crash by 50 percent if you're wearing a seat belt.

A lot of people will be traveling the highways in a couple weeks for the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. This is a campaign that will run through that busy travel weekend. So, if it's not a habit already to buckle up - you may want to make it one.