Clerk's office ready to deal with polling problems

Clerk Beth White
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There are more than 640,000 registered voters in Marion County - 28,000 more than registered for this May's primary election. With 600 precincts and 300 polling locations, Marion County Clerk Beth White has a lot to coordinate.

Any problems at the polls will be called in to her office in the City-County Building, which becomes "election central" on this day.  The hotline rings here when issues arise in the precincts, where inspectors and poll workers are stationed to help voting go smoothly.

White said some 3,000 poll workers will deploy throughout the county today.  She told Eyewitness News at 5:00 a.m. that she expects today's weather to encourage voters to come out and cast their ballots.

Hopefully, if you plan to vote in Marion County today, you received a yellow card in the mail.  It's the easiest way to know you're going to the correct polling place, because the card bears the address of your polling location.

If you did not receive one of those yellow cards and are still unsure of where you should vote, here are a couple of ways to find your polling place.

In Marion County call 327-VOTE (8683). A person will tell you where to vote, or there's also an automated system to help you find your polling location.

If you live anywhere in Indiana, you can find your polling place at this website.