Cleanup continues following early morning storms in Central Indiana

East Street in Lebanon
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Cleanup is underway after storms swept through Indiana overnight.

They damaged homes and businesses, and cut power to more than 140,000 people.

A young man died when a tree fell on a trailer home in Winona Lake, which is about 40 miles northwest of Fort Wayne.

A tree also fell on a house at Big Long Lake in LaGrange County, killing a 64-year-old.

No one was injured in Central Indiana, but there was plenty of damage.

The wind shattered one window at Value City in the Greenwood Pavillion strip mall. Glass littered the sidewalk, also requiring clean-up efforts at other stores.

The wind also blew through the front door and toppled the awning at the Vitamin Shoppe near Value City.

To the north, things weren't much better. Winds and rain blew through Lebanon around 2 a.m. leaving a path of damage.

Sandy Yarger woke up to discover broken windows, a tree on her car and another in her house.

"I heard the wind and I heard it rain pretty hard, and then I heard the crash and crack and then glass tinkling," she said. "It was very frightening because of the vicinity of my grandson being right there where the tree limb went through."

Cleanup was extensive in parts of town as crews attempted to clear as many trees as quickly as possible from the roads before morning rush hour.

Power outages were another fallout of the storm, causing many traffic signals to shut off.