Clean up day begins at IMS

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Few people get to see this view of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the nastiest day of the year with tons of trash.

While it's a gross wasteland to some, it is a gold mine to others.  

Several groups consider themselves very lucky to be able to get in the Speedway today and clean up. 

For the school, church and civic groups, it's an annual tradition. The groups get paid by how much ground they cover.

So, there's an incentive to clean well and move fast!

The pay can range anywhere from one to three thousand dollars for this one single day of clean-up. 

Money raised could cover a school group's athletic fees, buy needed supplies and materials for churches or alleviate costs in any number of projects.
While some might turn up their nose at this job or just hold it, there is a two-year waiting list to get in and clean up.