Class ring found nearly 30 years after it was lost

Bloomington North Class of 84 reunion (photo courtesy Jim Seubert)
When a central Indiana man lost his class ring on a Florida beach more than 30 years ago, he figured he'd never see it again. Not only did he get it back, but just in time for his 30th high school reunion.

Bloomington North Class of 84 graduate Jim Seubert was playing frisbee on Daytona Beach during a family vacation in 1983 when his ring slipped off. Just a few months ago, Seubert, who now lives in Illinois, got a strange phone call.

"'My mother, who lives on Vero Beach, found your class ring and she's had it in her jewelry box all these years. It makes me happy to finally get this school ring back to the owner. Enjoy, Marge Viswat'," Seubert recalled from the letter that came with his returned ring.

That woman, who found it on Vero Beach - 120 miles away from Daytona Beach five years after it was lost - recently asked her daughter to track down the owner online.

Seubert was able to wear the ring to his reunion over the weekend in Bloomington, and had quite a story to tell his classmates.