City, State road crews prepare for another snow storm

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Another big snow storm is heading towards central Indiana this week, bringing with it the possibility of several inches of snow or ice in some areas.  It's already been a difficult winter for road crews who clear away all that snow.

In Indianapolis, city crews have used as much road salt for the month of January as they did all of last winter.  So, they've had to go to neighboring states to make sure they have enough supply on hand.

On top of that, consider the man hours that have gone into snow removal. Up until this past week, it's been a nearly non-stop process and they are about to face more.

INDOT tells us their road crews, who cover interstates and state roads, have stockpiles of salt stored in a number of locations.  While it's taking a little more time to get it replenished, the state feels they are fine when it comes to supplies.

Take a look at the snow removal efforts from INDOT.  They cover 4.3 million miles across the state.  In the past 5 years, their snow removal cost has been around $33.8 million. This year alone, they're at $31 million.

INDOT's maintenance budget is funded primarily through vehicle registration fees and an 18-cent tax charged for every gallon of gas. Indiana fuel taxes have not increased in more than a decade.