City of Indianapolis may be forced into court over ROC records


The City of Indianapolis could get forced into court after missing two deadlines and failing to turn over internal records related to the troubled Regional Operations Center.

Four weeks after a special council committee served a subpoena on the city demanding internal records on the ROC, the full council will vote whether to take the city to Marion County Circuit Court.

13 Investigates has learned city legal has "not produced" at least 30-different documents despite an extended deadline that ended April 2. Initially, the city was given two weeks to hand over inspection reports, certificates of completion and contracts with the NFL for use of the ROC during Super Bowl 46.

The committee also wants to know about a proposed $25 million deal with 401 Public Safety.  That is the same company the city has fought with over maintenance and fire safety issues.

The ROC has sat vacant since an emergency evacuation back in September. The city has since been asked to provide emails from Former Public Safety Director Frank Straub and his staff.

After extending the deadline by a week, Attorney Fred Biesecker warned, "There are still significant gaps....Please provide a complete response. Otherwise, I expect the council will pursue its judicial remedy."

That remedy will likely cost taxpayers more for a building that is vacant and not up to code.

The city attorney working on the request declined to speak on camera about missing the deadlines and the anticipated court action, but told 13 Investigates his staff is still working to gather the large request.

The referendum is expected to come up at Monday's committee meeting, but it requires a vote from the full council.

As for the ROC, the Public Safety Director's office said the city now has all required permits in place. 401 Public Safety is expected to begin work this week but IMPD East District won't be allowed back in until the fire safety improvements are complete.